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There are plenty of local products and handicraft articles tsturned out from Hebei Province. The local products are Chinese chestnut, candied date of Shenzhou, small date from Cangzhou, snow pear from Zhaozhou, duck pear of Weixian County, grapes from Xuanhua, tribute rice from Zhuozhou, palace flour of Zhuozhuo and naked oat flour from Zhangbei County. Handicraft articles are inner painted bottle from Hengshui, stone sculpture from Quyang, paper cut of Weixian County. New Year picture of Wuqiang, reed weave ware of Baiyangdian, cloth covered painting of Fengning, pottery and porcelain both from Tangshan and Handan, tapestry from Zhuozhuo and cloisome enamel from Langfang.

Beiguo Shopping Mall

Add: 188 Zhongshan E.Rd., Shijianzhuang

Tel: 0086-311-85231333

Chengde Shopping Mall

Add: 10 Nanyingzi St., Chengde

tel: 0086-31402135275

Handan Guofeng Shopping Center

Add: 155 Heping Rd., Handan

Tel: 0086-310-7500315

Hanwang Mansion

Add: 175 Haiyang Rd., Langfang

Tel: 0086-335-3054778

Sanli International Shopping Center

Add: 2Xinhua W.Rd., Tangshan

Tel: 0086-315-3739888